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Could a traffic ticket cost a Florida driver their license?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2024 | Criminal Traffic & Traffic Citations

Florida drivers get pulled over and ticketed for traffic violations every day. Most drivers simply pay their tickets and accept any secondary consequences they might face. 

Others may worry that a traffic ticket could potentially cost them their driver’s license. Someone who has had another traffic ticket or two in recent months may feel worried about the possibility that they could lose their driving privileges. 

Is a basic traffic ticket ever enough to cost someone their driver’s license in Florida? 

Too many points can lead to license suspension

Every traffic infraction in Florida carries a certain number of points. For example, failing to yield is a three-point offense, while failing to stop for a school bus when necessary is a four-point violation. Too many tickets or several severe infractions in a short amount of time could cost someone their license. 

If someone acquires 12 points within 12 months, they could face a 30-day license suspension. Anyone who acquires 18 points within 18 months could face a three-month suspension. Someone with multiple tickets could lose their license for a full year. The accumulation of 24 points within 36 months could potentially lead to a year-long license suspension. 

In addition to endangering someone’s license, traffic tickets can also significantly increase what someone has to pay for car insurance. There are many different ways to defend against traffic tickets depending on the offense in question and the driving history of the motorist. 

Learning more about the possible penalties for traffic infractions might motivate some people to respond more assertively to a recent citation and fight their ticket in court.