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Can you text someone who has a no-contact order?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2024 | Criminal Defense

If someone has a no-contact order against you, you know that you’re not allowed to be around them in person. The order is intended to create some separation. Perhaps they claim that they feel threatened or in danger, and so the court issued the order while the investigation is carried out.

But this person may still be a significant part of your life. Maybe they are a former romantic partner or even a co-parent. You may not be allowed to visit them in person while they have this order, but could you text them? What if you sent them a message on Facebook? Can you still use these types of electronic communications to get around the order?

Any contact is illegal

No, you cannot do this, and you could be arrested for violating the court order if you do. This is because the order prohibits any type of communication. This includes oral communication, along with all forms of written communication – including writing an email, sending a text message or contacting the person on social media.

It’s important to point out that this is how the orders are designed. People often face arrest for an accidental violation. You may believe that you are following the court order to the letter without understanding that the Facebook message you just sent is actually a violation. Knowing what is required in advance can help you avoid these types of complications.

Unfortunately, you may already find yourself facing serious charges and have concerns about your future. If so, you need to look into all of the legal defense options that you have at this time.