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Facing Charges For Battery Or Assault?

Assault and battery are commonly confused. Both types of charges carry the heavy weight of being associated with a violent offense. That kind of conviction on your record can hold you back from many opportunities in life.

At Stevens & LaMaida PLLC, we will work hard to shield you from the penalties of assault or battery. As defense lawyers with nearly 20 years of experience between us, we are very familiar with these charges. We’re passionate about standing up for people like you. Based in Dade City, we protect people throughout Pasco County and surrounding areas.

What’s The Difference Between Assault And Battery?

In Florida, assault doesn’t involve physical violence. Rather, it involves the threat of violence. The threat doesn’t have to be spoken. It can be a physical act that causes someone to fear imminent harm.

Battery involves physical contact. It doesn’t necessarily have to be violent. Intentionally touching someone against their wishes can amount to battery.

How Serious Are Assault And Battery Charges?

Assault and battery charges can be misdemeanors or felonies. They’re charged as felonies when you have certain prior offenses, or when the facts alleged include serious allegations of harm, weapons used, or injury to a protected person, such as a child or disabled adult. These are considered felony charges classified as aggravated assault or battery.

What About Self-Defense?

If you had to use force against someone who was threatening or attacking you or others, you might have grounds to claim self-defense. It depends on the circumstances and whether your use of force was reasonable.

We are very familiar with what it takes to successfully raise self-defense.

We Can Be Your Allies

It’s easy to feel terrified and overwhelmed when you’re faced with serious charges such as assault or battery. We can stand between you and the prosecution. As experienced defense attorneys, we can be your champions in the justice system.

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