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A Powerful Defense Against Sex Offense Allegations In Florida

Florida takes a harsh stance on sex offenses. If you get convicted of a sex crime, you may face years or decades in prison. You might also have to register as a sex offender or sexual predicator. Any sex-related conviction on your record will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Facing these kinds of charges can be scary. So much is at stake. We understand, and at Stevens & LaMaida PLLC, we can help.

We are highly experienced defense attorneys handling sex offense cases throughout Pasco and surrounding Central Florida Counties. We take a powerful stance for those facing the harshest potential consequences.

We are determined to fight with you to protect your freedom and reputation.

How We Can Help

From day one, we will work diligently to prepare a strong defense against whatever charges you are facing, which might include:

  • Sexual battery
  • Prostitution
  • Indecent exposure
  • Child exploitation/molestation
  • Statutory rape
  • Lewd or lascivious acts
  • Sex/human trafficking
  • Voyeurism
  • Stalking
  • Failure to register as a sex offender

We will listen to you and give you a voice. You can rely on us for honest guidance so you can make informed decisions. When you entrust us with your defense, we take that trust seriously, and we will stand by you each step of the way.

When Should You Hire A Lawyer?

As soon as you think there is the slightest possibility you could be charged with a crime, you should contact an attorney.

  • Have you heard rumors in the community of potential police investigation?
  • Is someone you know threatening to make a criminal complaint?
  • Were you involved with something that you now feel could lead to criminal charges?
  • Did law enforcement contact you for a meeting?

Whatever the situation is, don’t hesitate to contact us, sooner is better. The guidance of a good attorney can be the difference between law enforcement closing an investigation and recommending charges be filed.

Seriousness of the Charge

In some circumstances, where it is still undecided what charges will be filed, having a competent attorney can affect not only what charge is filed but also the seriousness of the filing. If you’re under investigation for a possible crime, you should have a lawyer on your side. We can protect you from police interrogation tactics and work proactively to prevent charges.

Preserve Evidence

If you think you are under investigation, it is important to contact a lawyer to preserve any evidence that could benefit you. For example, maybe there is a witness who can provide an alibi or who is unknown to law enforcement. An attorney can obtain written statements or affidavits to present in your defense. Perhaps there are videos that are only stored for a limited duration; therefore, time is of the essence in collecting that particular date before it is lost indefinitely. Having an attorney before the initiation of a case can help solidify your defense or present the story from your point of view as opposed to another party.

Avoid The Harsh Burden Of Sex Offender Registration

A conviction for certain sex offenses will result in mandatory sex offender registration – for life. This means you will have to report detailed information about yourself, and you will have many restrictions placed upon you, including where you can live and who you are able to live with. If you fail to comply with these terms, you could face additional criminal charges. It is important that you are informed of your exposure the these types of registration requirements and you have all of your questions answered.  Call us today to learn about your rights and better protect yourself.

Let Us Fight With You

You deserve a dedicated legal team on your side now more than ever. Contact our firm, Stevens & LaMaida PLLC, for a free consultation. You can also call us at 352-437-5500.